Friday, December 25, 2009

Old Shakey

The Douglas C-124 Globemaster II, nicknamed "Old Shakey" (due to the strong vibrations caused by the engines), was a heavy-lift cargo aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California. First deliveries of the 448 production aircraft began in May 1950 and continued until 1955. The C-124 was operational during the Korean War and also used to assist supply operations for Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica. They performed heavy lift cargo operations for the US military worldwide, including flights to Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere. From 1959 to 1961 they transported Thor missiles across the Atlantic to England. The C-124 was also used extensively during the Vietnam War transporting material from the U.S. to Vietnam. Until the C-5A became operational, the C-124 was the only aircraft available that could transport very large loads.

Douglas C-124C Globemaster

360 degree panorama taken, standing next to the massive C-124C. It is stitched together from 18 individual fisheye lens images. To activate the panorama please click on the "play" button. You can then drag around in all directions and also zoom in and out using mouse and keyboard controls. The panorama is best viewed in "Fullscreen" mode with controls hidden. Please note also the various viewing options available from right click popup menu. You might want to try out the available effects.

Besides the big cargo plane the panorama captures various other aircraft:
Also captured in the panorama are my colleagues Reiner and Gary. Due to the long exposure time there is a bit of a ghosting effect around them. Can you still find them?

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